Spinal & Back Injury Claims

What is a Spinal Injury?

A spinal injury is often related to problems with the spinal cord. Damage here can lead to issues with functionality of the cord itself and to those parts of the body that are controlled by it. Those problems can be temporary or permanent.


Loss of feeling and loss of muscle function are two of the main symptoms that can arise from a spinal injury. Spinal injury compensation claims can arise from a number of accidents where a third party has been at fault for whatever reason.


What Are The Most Common Types of Spinal And Back Injuries?

Spinal and back injuries can take many forms and there is a wide set of circumstances that may lead to possible compensation. In over 30 years of handling spinal and back injury compensation claims, we found that some accidents and injuries are more common and these might include the following:

  • A cervical spinal injury where neck issues also arise,
  • A common slipped disc injury,
  • A thoracic spinal injury,
  • Broken or damaged vertebrae.


A back and spinal cord injury can cover many medical issues so please give us a call if you are unsure in regards to your own circumstances.


What Are The Most Common Causes of Spinal And Back Injuries?

Once again, the overall list of causes is extensive and any number of accidents can lead to spinal and back injury claims. Some of the more common include:

  • Road Traffic Accidents,
  • Trip or Fall Outdoors or in an Indoor Commercial Setting,
  • Sport Injuries,
  • Injuries Sustained at Work.


If the cause is down to the negligence and clear fault of a third party then it is possible to pursue compensation. If in any doubt, please get in touch.


How to Make A Claim for A Spinal And Back Injury?

In Ireland any personal injury claims must be referred to the Injuries Board as soon as possible and this is where a specialist solicitor comes in.


Referral is simple but the process of progressing the claim to its conclusion is far more complex and this is where specialist spinal injury solicitors can step in. With many years of relevant experience, we can make that initial log with the Injuries Board before handling the claim in its entirety from start to finish. 


The claim has to be notified within a certain period of time from the ‘date of knowledge’ and we will clarify this in the next section.


How Long After A Spinal And Back Injury Can You Claim?

In general, back and spinal injury compensation claims must be submitted within two years of the date of knowledge. In most instances, this term will refer to the date of the incident but this isn’t always the case.


Strictly speaking, the ‘date of knowledge’ defines as the date that the injury was evidently significant and that a known third party was responsible. Any back or spinal injury claims submitted after this specific point in time will have far less chance of being considered for compensation.


What Is The Average Payout for A Spinal And Back Injury?

While it is possible to assess our list of successful spinal and back injury payouts to identify a series of averages, the exact amount of money that a successful claimant might expect to receive depends on a number of factors. The potential determining criteria might include:

  • Type and Severity of the Injury,
  • Cost of Medical Bills,
  • Potential Loss of Earnings.


The severity of the injury is, perhaps, the biggest determining factor for spinal injury compensation payouts as there is such a broad spectrum. Sadly, the most severe injuries can be life changing and there have been cases where the highest spine injury compensation amounts have stretched into millions of Euros.


At the other end of the scale, a damaged disc or vertebrae may be considered as a more minor injury. The least severe back injury payouts may average out at figures of around 5,000 Euros. These two, diverse figures offer scope for all potential injuries in between and, once again, the possible back injury settlements will need to take into account those additional factors.


Moderate injuries which result in chronic back pain over an extended period of time could pay in the region of 20,000 Euros while more serious incidents not resulting in paralysis could extend beyond 50,000 Euros.


Remember, while those figures relate to previous spinal and back injury compensation claims, all incidents are judged on their individual circumstances. Specific details concerning customers’ potential payouts can be discussed in greater detail at the consultation stage.


Why Choose McGinley Solicitors?

Experience is essential when it comes to dealing with such a complex area of compensation. Any solicitor employed to pursue spinal or back injury claims must also be empathetic as well as professional when handling potentially sensitive and life changing situations.


McGinley Solicitors were established in 1988 and we are, therefore, at the forefront of all personal injury claims. In more than 30 years of pursuing successful settlements on behalf of our clients, we have covered an extensive range of spinal and back injuries arising from all manner of different circumstances.


We have also simplified the procedure and making the initial approach is easy. Prospective claimants can either fill in the quick, simple and secure online enquiry form or they can call us on 1890 998 969. 

If we are able to pursue a potential claim, we can then make that essential approach to the Injuries Board before progressing further. 


With three offices across Dublin and Donegal, we have the flexible service to back up our professional, experienced claims handling which is designed to get the best possible outcome.

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