Motorway Accident Claims

A motorway accident claim can arise due to any incident that occurs on a road that has been designated as a motorway by law. They will be classed separately from regular road traffic accidents as the nature of their surroundings will often make them the most serious RTAs of all.


Injury claims used to be subject to legislation provided under the Book of Quantum but this changed in April 2021. The Personal Injuries Board has issued new guidelines and these are now defined by the Judicial Council in Ireland.


The speed involved can, unfortunately, mean that injuries following a motorway crash can be significantly more severe. Specialist experience is desirable in order to attain the best possible outcome for the injured party.


Causes and Types of Motorway Accidents

Any collision involving a vehicle on a motorway can lead to a personal injury claim. Some incidents relating to a car accident on a motorway are more common than others and these may include:


  • Accidents while overtaking
  • Accidents while vehicles are merging
  • Incidents caused by tailgating or rear end shunts
  • Multiple vehicle pile ups
  • Accidents caused by trucks tipping over in high winds
  • Accidents caused by vehicles not obeying motorway warning signs


Causes of a motorway accident can be many and varied but they may typically include:


  • Incidents caused by debris on the road surface
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Reckless driving
  • Third party driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol


Injuries sustained as a result of car crashes on the motorway can vary greatly and, sadly, a small percentage may prove fatal. From minor bruising to broken limbs, the symptoms may show serious back and/or head injuries and temporary or permanent paralysis.


The above types of accidents are common occurrences, but this is not a complete list. If you have suffered injuries following a car crash on a motorway that is not your fault, it’s recommended to get in touch with solicitors to discuss the matter further.


How to Make a Motorway Accident Claim

In relation to personal injury compensation, the best approach is to contact a solicitor who has experience in dealing with motorway crash claims. A solicitor is there to be on your side and all of the details and supporting evidence will then be collated and submitted to the third party’s representatives.


On occasions, it’s possible that blame will be accepted and an offer of compensation will be made without the need to go to court. If, however, responsibility is denied or if any offer is deemed to be unacceptable, further legal action will be necessary.


This can be a complex process and one that should not be tackled alone. Appointing a motorway accident claims solicitor means that you have someone in your corner who can help to ensure the best possible outcome.


What to do After a Motorway Accident

After a motorway accident, what to do next is important in terms of any claim that follows. If there are any injuries, it’s vital that medical attention is sought before any other matters are taken care of.


If there is an injury of any kind, the Garda should be contacted. Details of attending officers and the subsequent Garda report will need to be noted.


All relevant information pertaining to the motorway accident should then be obtained. The details that are required will include.


  • Third party name and address and insurance information if available at the time
  • Make and model of the third party vehicle plus the registration number
  • Photographs of the scene if possible
  • Dashcam footage if available
  • CCTV footage if available
  • Contact information relating to any eyewitnesses plus eyewitness reports


Not all of this information will be available at the scene and it does not have to be complete before you contact a motorway accident claim solicitor. Gather as much information as possible in the initial stages and your lawyers will help you in regards to filling in any gaps.


How to Defend a Claim

Anyone accused of causing a motorway accident has the right to defend themselves and solicitors can also be a help in these cases. The legal process surrounding this is similar to the one involved for injured parties.


Therefore, in the first instance, it’s important to obtain as much of the information listed above as possible. Third party details should be simple to confirm if they have submitted a claim against you.


Photographs of the scene, eyewitness testimony and information, together with any dashcam or CCTV footage will be important in terms of making a successful defence.


Once again, this is a process that can be complex and, as such, it’s best to tackle it with the aid of a qualified motorway accident solicitor. Any individual handling legal processes themselves could miss vital information that may have otherwise led to a successful defence.


Motorway Accident Claim Solicitors in Ireland

The nature and potential severity of car accidents on motorways can be extremely distressing. It’s a time when the injured party needs as much support as possible and, in terms of making a claim, that support comes from specialist motor injury solicitors.


At McGinley Solicitors LLP, we have been dealing with road traffic accidents since we were first established in 1988. In more than 30 years, car accidents on motorways have formed a significant percentage of those claims and we provide a professional, empathetic, expert and friendly approach.


In the initial phase, you can fill in our simple online contact form or call our central switchboard on 1800 998 969. We can discuss the circumstances and, if a subsequent meeting is necessary, we have three office locations across Dublin and Donegal.


During any meetings, we can talk about specific details relating to the individual claim. Questions will always be asked over likely levels of compensation and this is something that can be talked through at this stage.


It’s a complex legal process that shouldn’t be tackled alone so please get in touch to have an expert legal team on your side.

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