Soft Tissue Injuries Claims

What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

A typical diagnosis will follow when sudden trauma or overuse leads to damage to tendons, muscle or ligaments in any part of the body. Trauma could result from a blow to a part of the body or via a trip or fall.


Solicitors are often asked what is a soft tissue injury and is soft tissue serious? Issues of this kind may seem slight but one complication of soft tissue injury is the potential for long lasting complications. Can soft tissue injuries be permanent; in some cases the answer is yes.


What are the Most Common Types of Soft Tissue Injuries and their Symptoms?

A soft tissue injury claim can arise from a number of circumstances. To answer the question, here is a list of the more commonly asked questions that a personal injury solicitor receives:


  • Is a sprain a soft tissue injury?
  • Is a bruise a soft tissue injury?
  • Is carpal tunnel a soft tissue injury?
  • Is shoulder injury classed as soft tissue injury?
  • Are abrasion laceration soft tissue injuries?
  • Do you handle soft tissue damage in foot injury claims?
  • Do you deal with soft tissue back injury claims?
  • What about soft tissue injury on the top of the foot?


The answer to all of these questions is yes – these are all common soft tissues injuries which could potentially result in a claim. It isn’t a complete and exhaustive list so please get in touch if you have any of these or any other issues.


What Causes Soft Tissue Injuries?

It’s important to understand that a soft tissue injury can occur in any situation. Common causes of soft tissue injury have been seen in the workplace, on the road and in any public place. Some of the more typical claims have arisen from the following incidents:


  • Trip or fall in the street
  • Injury as a result of avoidable repetitive action in the workplace
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Overuse in a sporting situation
  • Physical assault


These are some of the more regular causes of soft tissue injury that we see but there are others. If you have suffered in any of the above circumstances or your potential claim falls outside of this list, you should discuss the situation with an experienced solicitor.


How to make a claim for a Soft Tissue Injury?

To proceed with your soft tissue injury claim, there will need to be proof of liability on the behalf of an identifiable third party. This can be a complex legal matter so the best approach in the first instance is to discuss the circumstances with an experienced soft tissue injury solicitor.


The legal team will request access to your medical records and, if liability can be established, the case will be presented to the third party responsible. If the soft tissue injury claim is accepted, there may be a compensation offer made with potential for negotiation.


If, however, liability is disputed, the matter can be referred to court. For this reason alone, it is advisable to seek out legal assistance if you believe that you have been the victim of dental negligence and you intend to pursue a claim. Taking the matter to court is best handled by the professionals.


How long after a Soft Tissue Injury can you claim?

Legislation passed in 2004 confirms that a soft tissue injury claim should be submitted within two years. There is a specific legal term to be noted here and it refers to the ‘date of knowledge’. The key word in that phrase is ‘knowledge’ – knowing when an injury had occurred and that it was significant.


Symptoms of soft tissue injury may not be apparent immediately. In many instances the date of knowledge and the date of the specific incident will be the same but not in every situation. To keep things simple, soft tissue injury solicitors should be notified as soon as possible but always within that two year limit.


What is the Average Payout for a Soft Tissue Injury?

The question of how much compensation you get for soft tissue injury depends on a number of factors. The soft tissue injury claim amount could depend on:


  • Nature and severity of the injury
  • Cost of initial medical treatment
  • Projected costs of ongoing care if it is required


When asking how much compensation for soft tissue injury, these are the questions that need to be answered. For small bruises and sprains, figures could start from just a hundred Euros. For more serious, repetitive injuries that affect quality of life, the sums could hit several thousand Euros.


Why Choose McGinley Solicitors?

A soft tissue injury may seem like a minor medical issue but they can have complications that can affect quality of life. It is, therefore, essential that you appoint a solicitor that takes a soft tissue injury claim seriously and has specific expertise in this field.


McGinley Solicitors were established in 1988 and, as an established legal practice, we now have over 30 years experience in relation to all types of personal injury claims. Soft tissue injuries can be commonplace and are among our specialist areas.


To get things moving, please fill in the online form or call us on 1890 998 969. To follow up your claim, we can meet at any of our three offices across Dublin and Donegal. There we can discuss other matters, such as potential levels of compensation, in greater detail.

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