Taxi Accident Claims

Taxi accident claims arise when injury occurs which involves a licensed taxi. As long as there is an identifiable third party who is proved to be at fault for the incident, it is possible to seek taxi accident compensation.


Claims can be pursued if you are a:

  • Passenger
  • Driver
  • Pedestrian
  • Third party motorist


As long as a licensed taxi is involved in the incident, a claim can arise relating to sustained injuries.


What are the most common taxi accident injuries?

Taxi accident claims can cover a wide range of injuries but some will typically be more common than others. The list of regularly occurring injuries includes but is not limited to:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue injuries – bruises and sprains
  • Serious head injuries


If you’ve suffered any form of injury involving a taxi, irrespective of whether it falls inside or outside of this list, it’s advisable to contact a solicitor to establish if a taxi passenger accident claim can be made.


What to do after a taxi accident?

The very first thing that you should do following a taxi accident is to seek medical attention if it is required. This is a priority so check your own potential injuries first before turning your attention to fellow passengers if anyone else is involved. 


If attention is required, call an ambulance immediately.


If you are fit to do so, you should now record information that may be required by a taxi accident claims solicitor. This would include taxi license and registration number plus names and addresses of any witnesses. It can be a good idea to take photos on your mobile phone and to note down the circumstances while they are fresh in your memory.


Lastly, the incident should be reported to the Gardai and your taxi claims lawyer. Those are the initial steps that you should take before looking to seek taxi accident compensation.


How to make a claim for a taxi accident?

Taxi accident claims in Ireland must be reported to the Injuries Board. Your solicitor can do this for you and they can also move on and prepare the case for claims submission.


Along with the information you obtained at the scene, medical records and associated costs will be required. Your solicitor will then contact the responsible third party and present the case to them.


In some cases, blame will be accepted and a settlement figure will be offered by the third party in question. If the claim is disputed or the offer is deemed to be unacceptable and not open to negotiation, the taxi claims lawyer will take your case to court. 


How long after a taxi accident can you claim?

The time period to keep in mind in this instance is two years. Irish law states that the claimant has up to two years from the date of knowledge to submit their claim directly to court or via a taxi injury lawyer.


Note the term ‘date of knowledge’. This specifically means the date that the injured party was aware of the injuries that they had sustained and that these were significant.


In the majority of taxi accident claims, the date of the incident and the date of knowledge will be the same. However, certain types of symptoms may take a little longer to manifest themselves so this legal term is worth keeping in mind.


Irrespective of the two year restriction, it’s advisable to contact a taxi injury lawyer as soon as possible so that the details of the case are fresh in the mind and do not become confused over time. 


What is the average payout for a taxi accident claim?

While it is possible to identify average payouts for all types of injury settlements, the exact amount of taxi accident compensation that you may be able to claim will depend on a number of factors.


When taking into account the circumstances of the incident, the following aspects will be assessed:

  • Nature and severity of the injuries sustained
  • Initial cost of medical treatment
  • Projected figures relating to ongoing, medical treatment (if applicable)


The starting point, which would typically cover soft tissue injuries and minor breaks, may begin at around 1,000 Euros. From here, the most serious taxi accident claims which involve death or life changing injuries could potentially reach high six figures. 


From those two extremes, it can be possible to identify a very rough average sum but this is very much dependent on your own individual circumstances. The best course of action is to discuss with a solicitor if you want to know potential levels of taxi injury compensation.


Why Choose McGinley Solicitors?

There are many options in place when it comes to pursuing a taxi accident passenger claim or a similar incident as a driver or pedestrian. Experience really counts in terms of pursuing a claim and it can literally make the difference between a satisfied settlement and losing the case. 


While there is a wide choice, it makes sense to look for experience when appointing a taxi injury lawyer. At McGinley Solicitors, we have been trading since 1988 and have dealt with all manner of personal injury claims in that time.


Compensation cases involving road traffic accidents can be complex and we have the professionalism and key experience you need in order to achieve the best possible outcome.


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At that stage, we can discuss more accurate projections related to your specific taxi accident claim including potential compensation. It’s a professional and comprehensive taxi accident compensation package so why not get the ball rolling right away.

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