Accidents Abroad & On Holiday Claims

What are Accident Abroad Claims?

There’s no great mystery as far as definitions are concerned. Holiday compensation claims can arise across a number of different circumstances that relate to accidents sustained outside of the Republic of Ireland.


If it can be proved that any accidents and injuries on holiday were caused by negligence and that the third party concerned is identifiable, a compensation claim can arise.


What are the most common types of holiday accidents claims?

Accident and holiday illness claims can occur in a number of different scenarios. As long as illness or injury has been sustained, there is potential for compensation. Road traffic accidents abroad are exceptionally common along with some of the other instances on this list.


  • Accidents arising at the hotel or holiday complex
  • Food poisoning
  • Heatstroke and sunburn
  • Accidents arising from sporting activities
  • Road traffic accidents either as a motorist or a pedestrian


These are among the most common occurrences but the list is not exhaustive. If you have suffered an accident aboard or have a potential claim for illness, it’s advisable to get in touch with experienced holiday accident claims solicitors in order to discuss the case.


What to do after an Accident on Holiday?

Anyone travelling abroad is recommended to take out comprehensive travel insurance and have all necessary medical travel documents. However, in the case of an accident abroad no travel insurance can compensate for every circumstance. For minor claims and those within certain limits, contact your provider but for serious levels of compensation it’s advisable to take things further via a solicitor.


For all accidents and illnesses abroad, there is a recommended procedure to carry out. This is an initial set of actions which can help accident and holiday illness claims move more smoothly further down the line.


Firstly, report the incident to your tour operator. An accident book should be kept on site and this ensures that the case is ‘on record’. Make sure that you retain a copy of the entry. Obviously, if the matter is serious, medical attention should be sought and an ambulance called if required.


Once again, it’s important to retain any paperwork including a copy of the medical report if that advanced medical care is necessary.


How to make a Claim for Accidents and Injuries on Holiday?

One issue with sustaining an accident abroad lies in the fact that the relevant laws fall outside of Irish jurisdiction. It’s therefore vital to contact a holiday accident claims solicitor that has contacts and associations with legal firms in Europe and beyond.


Your solicitor can then access police reports and medical records pertaining to the incident before approaching the relevant legal authorities with a view to seeking compensation. The first, and most important action, is to contact that solicitor as soon as an incident occurs where a third party is to blame and that third party is identifiable.


How long after an Accident Abroad can you Claim?

There are time limits in place in relation to accidents abroad compensation and they are governed by Ireland’s Statute of Limitations Act of 1957. In regard to injury claims, there is a time limit in place of two years from the date of knowledge.


The critical term in this accident abroad jurisdiction is that ‘date of knowledge’. It specifically refers to a point in time where any injury that had occurred abroad had manifested itself and was known to be significant. In most instances, this would relate to the date that the accident occurred but this isn’t always the case.


Symptoms can manifest in days, weeks and even months in arrears. It’s important to note that two year limit but it’s recommended that potential claimants get in touch with holiday accident claims solicitors as soon as possible. Delays can potentially harm the case and it’s better to proceed while all the circumstances are fresh in the memory. 


What is the Average Payout for an Accident Abroad Claim?

While it may be possible to identify an average payout for accident abroad compensation, the exact amount involved in any settlement will depend on a number of different factors. 


Among the criteria that can determine the size of the final payment are


  • Costs of associated medical bills
  • Projected cost of ongoing medical care if applicable
  • Nature of the accident that’s taken place and its severity


Perhaps the most important point relating to accidents and injuries on holiday concerns the nature and diagnosis of the condition. This is a very broad area of legal compensation covering minor illnesses to far more serious conditions including permanent disability.


At an entry level, broken bones may be settled for a few thousand euros while the far more serious occurrences may receive sums in excess of seven figures. In order to identify a more likely average figure, it’s recommended that you get in touch with professional personal injury solicitors to discuss your specific case. 


Why Choose McGinley Solicitors?

There are lots of injury solicitors available and the majority will take on clients who are looking to pursue holiday accident claims and holiday illness claims. Making a choice can be confusing but it’s also vital to get it right at this opening stage.


Claimants need a solicitor who will undertake the process effectively and obtain the best possible settlement and that requires a mix of professionalism and experience. McGinley Solicitors have been dealing with accident abroad compensation for over 30 years having been originally established back in 1988.


We work with you to obtain the best possible outcome and to process the claim in a way that is fast and efficient without causing any distress. To get things moving, please complete the online form or give us a call on 1890 998 969. Following on from that initial consultation, we have the flexibility to arrange a meeting at any of our three offices across Donegal and Dublin. If you are happy to proceed, we can then carry out the legal process and aim for the best possible outcome relating to your holiday accident claim.

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