Motorcycle Accident Claims

What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Claims?

The vast majority of motorcycle accident claims we see involve traffic collisions where a third party vehicle is at fault. However, this isn’t always the case and, in some instances, a third party bike, car or van isn’t even present at the scene.


The following isn’t a complete list but it does include all of the most common motorbike accidents:

  • Road traffic accidents involving a collision with a third party vehicle,
  • Accidents caused by falling debris from other vehicles,
  • Accidents due to poorly maintained roads (potholes, damaged tarmac etc),
  • Accidents due to faulty bike parts.


If a specific incident falls outside of those categories, please get in touch with an experienced motorbike solicitor as any accident where a known third party is at fault can still lead to a successful compensation claim.


What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

The range of potential injuries is vast and can start with minor broken bones. Sadly, at the higher end of the injury scale, the most serious motorbike accident can result in a life changing diagnosis. Those two extremes, and all points in between, can result in compensation if the claimant is not at fault and a known third party is responsible.


Among the many injuries that we have seen, the following are among the most common:

  • Broken Bones, muscle tears, ligament damage,
  • Back and Spinal Cord Injuries,
  • Road Rash,
  • Head and Brain Trauma,
  • Whiplash,
  • Burns.


Road rash is a particularly nasty condition that can arise from skin making contact with tarmac. All of these instances can lead to motorbike accident claims but, if your personal injuries fall outside of these descriptions, you can still get in touch.


What to Do After A Motorcycle Accident?

The first step in the process is to appoint a solicitor to notify the Injuries Board. All personal injuries must be referred to the board and this point is essential for the purpose of pursuing motorcycle accident claims.


The complex nature of the claims process means that appointing an experienced motorcycle solicitor holds many advantages. Making the initial contact means that there is one less thing to worry about at what can be a stressful time. Following that log with the Injuries Board, your solicitor can tackle all the legal issues involved with bringing motorcycle accident claims to a conclusion.


How to Make A Claim for A Motorcycle Accident?

Once that initial approach to the Injuries Board has been made, the process of filing a claim can begin. Having already appointed motorbike accident solicitors, the procedure should be more streamlined and it begins with a claim form detailing the full circumstances of the accident. Information regarding the third party responsible for the motorbike accident should also be submitted at this stage.


Any financial information to support the claim can be submitted at this point or it can follow as soon as figures have been determined. For example, the cost of medical bills may not be apparent at this early stage and they can therefore be confirmed as soon as possible.


Your solicitor will then take care of the legal process via the Injuries Board to bring your claim to a successful conclusion.


How Long After A Motorcycle Accident Can You Claim?

Time limits for all personal injury claims are defined by the Statute of Limitations but, in general, there is a specification of two years. That period starts from the ‘date of knowledge’ and, while this can usually be pinpointed to the time of the incident, this isn’t always the case.


The strict definition of ‘date of knowledge’ relates to the specific point when the prospective claimant realised that their motorbike accident injuries were significant and that a known third party was responsible through their negligence. Any motorcycle accident claims that are submitted outside of that two year limit will have far less chance of meeting a successful outcome.


What Is The Average Payout For A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Averages do exist in regards to motorcycle accident claims and they can offer some insight into the potential compensation that you may receive. However, if your own claim is successful, the amount of motorbike injury compensation that you receive will be subject to a number of factors.


Exact figures may depend on:

  • The nature of the accident and the severity of the injuries sustained,
  • Cost of medical bills,
  • Potential loss of earnings.


Previous motorbike compensation payouts can offer useful information in regards to possible future settlements. At the lower end of the scale, a minor external injury such as bruising and grazing could result in a payout of around 5,000 Euros. Moving upwards, broken bones and fractures may return up to 30,000 Euros.


In more severe cases, an incapacitating back injury could result in a compensation payout of around 80,000 Euros. At a higher level, major head and brain injuries might lead to figures of 300,000 Euros and above.


To discuss this further, please get in touch and we can assess the circumstances of your accident. This will offer a greater chance of identifying a more accurate amount of motorbike injury compensation.


Why Choose McGinley Solicitors?

Having been established in 1988, McGinley Solicitors have over 30 years of experience in handling personal injury compensation and that is an important factor in the complex world of motorbike injury claims. We provide a professional approach from your initial contact where your individual circumstances will be discussed. This will allow us to provide you with relevant information including the potential amount of compensation that you may be entitled to.


If you’d like to get in touch, you can call us on 1890 998 969 or, you can fill in the secure online form and we will get back to you. For follow up meetings, we have three offices across Dublin and Donegal so we can be flexible in terms of face to face discussions which can progress your claim further.

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