Birth Injury Claims

If mother or baby were injured during pregnancy or childbirth due to clinical or medical negligence, McGinley Solicitors can help. Please call our medical negligence team for an initial consultation on 1890 998 969.

McGinley Solicitors can provide immediate representation and rehabilitation support anywhere in the Ireland. No matter where you live, our childbirth negligence compensation specialists can help.


Birth Injury to Mothers

When you seek the help of a medical professional in order to give birth, you have a reasonable expectation of receiving competent, skilled and attentive treatment. In most cases, the doctors, nurses, midwives and other medical staff you encounter will provide exceptional care. However, mistakes can and do happen, and negligent medical care can cause potentially serious injuries to the mother.

If you’ve been injured when giving birth and you believe someone else’s negligence was at least partly to blame for what happened, you could have a claim for compensation.


Birth Injury to Babies

When babies are injured by medical mistakes in labour or delivery, it’s crucial to obtain the best possible legal advice as soon as possible. While some can be minor and relatively easy to recover from, these kinds of injuries can potentially be life-changing for both the baby and their family. Mistakes and negligence at this crucial time can cause serious conditions, long-term medical problems and can even endanger the life of the child.

If your child was injured at birth and you believe a medical mistake was fully or partially to blame, it’s important to seek legal advice right away. Please don’t hesitate to call our highly experienced childbirth negligence team.


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