Immigration Solicitors in Ireland

Immigration solicitors are generally required in Ireland for two major reasons: if a person needs to enter Ireland or remain in the country. Of those two scenarios, the best immigration lawyers in Ireland will be able to act not only as legal representatives but also as trusted confidants and advisors, supporting you as you build a strong case.


Immigration law is incredibly complex, and acquiring documents like visas or Rights To Remain are application processes that need care and attention to be processed quickly and effectively. McGinley Solicitors LLP understand these sorts of cases well and have a wealth of experience to offer the best support to you as an applicant.


With major offices and a team of experienced immigration solicitors in Dublin and Donegal, we’re here to provide support to you wherever you reside in Ireland or are looking to settle – so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Immigration Law Expertise

Irish Citizenship

Ireland has an excellent immigration infrastructure and is a well-developed nation, making it very desirable to live in, so applications to attain citizenship can be more difficult as a result. There are different means by which a person can apply, and two of the most common are by naturalisation and through birth or descent. Both methods will require various documentation to prove specific criteria.


  • For example, naturalisation by residence will mean an individual must prove they have lived in Ireland five of the past nine years, and continuously lived there for the past year before applying.


It’s a formal process that our team of experienced team immigration solicitors is well equipped to support you on, including making sure you’re eligible for citizenship before we help you proceed.


Work Permits

Work permits are a great way to legally reside in Ireland on a semi-permanent basis and make a living outside of options such as citizenship or asylum. Whether you’re intending to apply for yourself or you’re hiring from outside of the European Economic Area, a work permit is required. The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation ask for several prerequisites for an applicant, including:


  • Standard travel documents including an in-date passport
  • Proof of payment for visa applications
  • A letter of intent
  • All are submitted within a three-month window of arriving in Ireland.


The process can last between seven or eight weeks, but sometimes more. An experienced immigration solicitor can guide you through which permit to apply for, among other technicalities.


Stamps 0-4

If you’re entering Ireland from outside the European Union or Switzerland, and intend to stay for more than a three-month period, you need to acquire a form of permission. Immigration Service Delivery is Ireland’s government body for managing immigration services on behalf of the state. They provide different types of permission, defined by stamp numbers.


Each stamp type, numbered from one to six and placed in your passport, defines a slightly varying degree of freedom on what one can do, and for how long, in Ireland. In Dublin county, the ISD manages stamp permissions, and the GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) handles the rest of the Irish counties. As such, McGinley has immigration solicitors, Dublin and Donegal-based, with experience handling applications with both regional departments.



Applying for asylum in Ireland is possible under a couple of specific circumstances. These definitions are open-ended.


  • If you have a ‘well-founded fear of persecution on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, political alignment or even social grouping and your country can’t guarantee protection’, you’re able to apply for asylum.
  • Alternatively, if you are unable to return home due to the risk of harm, you may qualify for subsidiary protection status, rather than refugee status. During your application process, you should be allowed to remain in Ireland until the completion of the application.



Even the best immigration solicitors in Ireland will tell you that the time an immigration application takes can vary from case to case. Anything to speed it up and let you get your life in Ireland started sooner is ideal. The Start-Up Entrepreneur Programme is a fantastic, more expedient way for a non-EEA individual to lay down roots and start a business in Ireland, while also remaining in the country on a permanent basis.


These applications are a little more specific, requiring a detailed business proposal and €50,000 of funding, but also is a quicker route to a permanent right to remain. Our team is happy to provide more information on how to apply for and successfully use this scheme if you need it.


Immigrant Investor Programme

The Immigrant Investor Programme, like the STEP programme, was established in 2012 to support both entrepreneurs and investors to enter Ireland and launch businesses. It’s known as the Irish ‘Golden Visa’, it grants someone Irish residency, while building business interests within Ireland. The scheme is very flexible to allow investors of all kinds to choose Ireland to invest their money.


Retirement Visa

Many people opt to retire in Ireland for all sorts of reasons. As an English-speaking country, there is typically less of a language barrier, it’s well-developed, very safe, has good travel services and Ireland’s peaceful, verdant landscape encourages a slower pace of life and active lifestyle – all of these factors make for a great location to enjoy your golden years in.


There are several conditions that come into consideration for those looking to retire in Ireland. Being married to an Irish citizen, having ancestry, or being born there yourself means the process is going to be easier, naturally. However, if you aren’t able to fulfil some of those considerations, you can still speak to an immigration solicitor about filing your Stamp 0 or visa application and kicking off the process of moving to Ireland on a retirement basis.


Why Choose McGinley Solicitors LLP?

Here at McGinley Solicitors LLP, we have an empathetic and experienced team and have worked hard over the years supporting countless clients to become the best immigration solicitors in Dublin and the wider Ireland area. We want to speak to you, no matter your situation, where you’re currently living, or how far along the application process you might be. It’s McGinley’s mission to assist and represent people in a range of legal cases to the very highest standards – anything less simply won’t do.


Get in touch with an immigration lawyer in Dublin or Donegal from McGinley Solicitors LLP today and learn how we can help you.


Immigration Law FAQs

What is an Immigration application?

An immigration application is a formal submission to a Government body to legally enter and reside in a country for a specified, or unlimited period of time, with some of – or all – the same rights as an Irish citizen.


Can I make an application on behalf of a family member?

You absolutely can make applications for immediate family members like your children or significant other. However, speaking to a solicitor first to understand is advisable as some additional steps will be necessary to submit an immigration application for someone other than yourself.


Do I need an immigration lawyer to make an application?

While you don’t legally need representation or assistance to make an application, an experienced solicitor can save you time, energy, and money by helping you scope, write and submit an application with a higher chance of acceptance.


How long can immigration applications last?

Typically applications can last seven or eight weeks, but time frames vary from county to county.


How do I know if I need an immigration solicitor?

We provide resources here to guide you through the basics, however, if you find yourself at an impasse or unsure how to proceed, a solicitor will be happy to hear your case and recommend whether you need legal support or not, often free of charge. Laws and process differ depending on which county you apply from, so take this into account to when getting in touch.

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