Personal Injuries Guidelines 2021: How Have Recent Compensation Awards in Ireland Been Impacted?

2021 has brought about many changes to the ways in which personal injury awards in Ireland have been settled. A compensation payout received prior to the new April guidelines, may be significantly different from levels in 2021, 2022 and beyond.


The Personal Injuries Board in Ireland are behind the new set of guidelines and, in a space of just a few short months, it has been clear that they are already having an effect on levels of compensation.


How Have Compensation Payouts for Personal Injuries Changed?

The new guidelines were introduced by the Personal Injuries Board in April of 2021. The legislation was brought in with a view to bringing injuries board payouts in line with other countries around Europe. Compensation could be much higher here than in other parts of the world and the rulings are there to help claims become more open and transparent.


As a result of the new guidelines, recent compensation awards in Ireland have fallen. Findings have shown that compensation levels were reduced by an average of around 40% for the period between April and October 2021.


Within the individual categories, the numbers make for interesting reading: Findings show that 18% of all personal injury awards in Ireland are settled for less than 5,000 euros. A further 30% are paid out at figures between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.


That leaves a total of 48% of injury claims being settled at 10,000 euros or less. Prior to those guidelines coming in, that figure stood at just 12%.


Average Injuries Board payouts continue to underline the story: Prior to the new guidelines coming in in April 2021, compensation decreased from just under 24,000 euros to just over 14,000.


While it is clear that claims settlements are going down, the average consumer can benefit through reduced personal accident insurance premiums.


The news shouldn’t deter claimants from progressing with their case: The guidelines were brought in for legitimate reasons and the Board is clearly reaching its goals. However, there can still be some significant compensation payouts made.


Above all, the aim is to make things fairer, both for the claimants and the third parties that are found to be responsible. While payouts in the past may have covered a wider range of parameters, it may now be simpler to identify what is an average settlement and what can also be identified as a fair and reasonable sum.


Personal Injury Solicitor in Ireland

With laws and guidelines relating to injuries board payouts and external compensation having changed, it can be hard to keep up with latest developments. Reaching agreement over compensation is also a complex legal process so it makes sense to leave things in the hands of experienced and specialist personal injury lawyers.


McGinley Solicitors were established in 1988 and have therefore been handling personal injury awards in Ireland for over 30 years. We offer a professional and sympathetic approach to claims handling and, while compensation payout levels may have fallen since April 2021, we will strive to get you the best possible settlement.


To get things moving, please fill in the online form or give us a call on 1800 998 969. We can have an informal discussion in relation to your circumstances and advise on the best way forward.


If a face to face meeting is required, we have offices across Dublin and Donegal where we can look at details with greater scrutiny. At that stage, it will be possible to talk about the finer issues of the personal injury claim, including potential levels of compensation.


While the new guidelines may have had their say in terms of recent compensation awards in Ireland, we will still strive to get you the best possible settlement to tailor your individual circumstances.


Experience and effectiveness is key to what can be a complex legal process. It’s not something that should be tackled alone, so, if you have been involved in a road traffic accident, an accident at work, if you wish to discuss claims against the council for personal injury or you would like to talk about any type of accident, please get in touch.


Will I know for certain how much my compensation payout will be?

In the opening stages, it’s impossible to know exactly how much a successful claim will be settled for. Compensation can depend on a number of factors including:


  • Nature and severity of the injury
  • Initial medical bills and associated expenses
  • Projected costs of ongoing medical care if applicable


Once those factors are known, it will make it easier to identify potential payouts.


Should I appoint a personal injury lawyer to deal with my case?

Appointing a legal representative isn’t compulsory but, by doing so, you can stand a better chance of winning the case. At best, personal injury awards in Ireland could be reduced if a solicitor isn’t present.


This can be a complex legal process and one that shouldn’t be handled alone.


What Information should I collect in relation to my claim?

When submitting a claim, your solicitor will require all relevant information relating to the incident. Your own report, together with those of any eye witnesses will be crucial in terms of achieving a successful outcome.


Documentation and any relevant photographic evidence will also be useful in terms of compiling a case.


Will my payout be affected by the recent guidelines?

It is possible that a compensation payout at this stage will be lower than similar cases that were settled prior to April 2021. However, it is important to remember the reasons as to why these guidelines were brought in. Claim settlements are intended to be fairer to all parties and we will always work to bring about the best possible outcome.

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